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Snappy helps businesses end-to-end by helping in acquiring more customers and keeping them longer.

Issue discount vouchers through missed call
Keep customers much longer with world-class loyalty programs
Collect Feedback while issuing reward points

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Welcome to Snappy

Snappy is a leading loyalty program platform

Loyalty for all

With Snappy every merchant can run loyalty programs not just the big brands, Imagine shopping with discounts every where you shop

Best Price

Using loyalty ensures that you get some of best discounts possible

Instant Transfer

Issue and transfer loyalty instantly.

Cater to your interest

Designed for Flexible Management and Launching Loyalty Campaigns.

Grocery Store

Snappy loyalty programs work great for a grocery by making sure your customers stay loyal to your brand

Food & Beverages

The F&B sector has one of the lowest customer retention rates, with a bit of help from Snappy, expect real magic to your bottom line.


Hotel business is very tricky, above a top threshold occupancy ( usually 60%) you are minting money, below the bottom threshold ( 50% ) you are bleeding money owning it the lack of marginal cost. Now imagine pushing that occupancy rates with the help of Snappy's world class programs


Ready Made showrooms are equally notorious for have a very low customer retention and a very high customer acquisition cost. Snappy's loyalty and referral programs can address both these issues in one shot.


Women love Saloons, women love reward points. Snappy makes reward points trackable. Need we say more


You visit a resort, you get some cool reward points. you refer your friends you get more reward points. your next visit is free

Explore Top Brands

Snappy is helping various business grow their customer-base and improve customer retention

Seamless Customer Experience.

Easy for customers to sign up for the program and check their balance. Customers redeem rewards in-store or online.

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Why Snappy?

Affordable and Customized for your Business

Instant Access

All you need is internet access! There's no software to download and the platform is extremely user-friendly.

No Transaction Fees

You don't have to worry about how many loyalty transactions you're processing...ever! We never charge transaction fees.

Customizable Programs

Retail, educational, non-profit, corporate, franchise, you name it - our loyalty platform can meet your requirements.

Employee access control

You decide employee access and privileges. Your real-time reporting tool lets you review employee transactions.

Import Transactions

Snappy makes it easy to import customers or customer transactions into your loyalty program.

Comprehensive reporting

Snappy gives you a versatile reporting tool built into the program. Want to export your customer data for your own marketing campaigns? It couldn't be easier.

How will you reward your customers?

You're busy with the day to day operations of your business so leave the customer retention to us! Snappy offers a wide variety of solutions. Whether you're a business owner wanting to increase loyalty and sales, a company looking to reward employees, or an educational institution looking for a great way to motivate your students, we have a perfect solution for you!

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